7 Non-Dance Activities That Will Make You a Better Dancer

July 7, 2019

As a dedicated dancer, you’re probably pretty proud of the number of hours you spend in the studio. You may even feel guilty whenever you divert from your normal non-stop routine. But time spent outside the studio can actually be super beneficial for your dancing.

Here are seven non-dance activities that can help you become a better dancer.

Attending Every Performance Possible


Local dance companies, touring Broadway shows, plays, recitals…if you’re not onstage yourself, get in that audience, because you can learn SO much from watching other people perform. As an observant audience member, pay attention to who draws your eye onstage and why. Chances are, you can apply what you like to your own performance toolkit.

Brushing Up on Your Dance History


If you want to be taken seriously as a dancer, you have to know Graham from Giordano–and everyone in between. Hit the library! Or, if Netflix binging is more your learning style, start with this list of 40 Of the Best Movie Dance Scenes, and then move on to these must-see classics.

Studying Other Art Forms


Whether you like to play an instrument, write poetry, draw or photograph, spend some time expressing yourself outside of dance. Even simply listening to music can help you grow as an artist, and give you tons of inspiration to draw from when it’s time to hit the studio again.

Getting (More) Talented


From acting to tumbling, singing to aerial work, dancers are expected to do it all these days.

Is the “special skills” section on your resume looking a little sparse? Carve out some time to give a new dance-adjacent talent the attention and energy it deserves.

Exploring Other Cultures


There are so many life-changing effects that come with experiencing new places, and those benefits can spill over into your dancing! While you’re traveling, learn about the dance community in that city or country, especially if the area is famous for originating a particular style.

Becoming a Cross-Training Queen


Cross-training is a great way to supplement your dancing and keep your body healthy and happy all year. Check out these cross-training tips just for dancers.

Trying Out a New Style


Ok, so this is technically a dancing activity, but come on, you can’t expect to sideline a dancer for that long! Local organizations are always hosting fun community events like salsa and swing classes, which give you a chance to try out a new dance style in a low-pressure environment.