9 Ways Dancers Can Beat Backstage Boredom

December 2, 2019

season is upon us, which means we’re all basically camping out at the theater. And even after a full warm-up and make-up session, there’s still a LOT of downtime backstage. Instead of scrolling through your Instagram feed for the millionth time, try one of these more productive (or at least different!) ways to beat backstage boredom.

Listen to Your Favorite Playlist


Because to get in the zone, you’ve gotta drown out the Party Scene music happening in the background.

Find Creative Locations to Stretch


Theaters are full of weirdly perfect stretching locations. (Just maybe not an escalator.)

Try a New Makeup Technique


There’s no better time to try out a cut crease than Nutcracker show #8472!

Take Some Glammed-Up Selfies…


Because those new Snow costumes are pretty fab.

…And Some Ensemble Shots…


Let’s savor this moment with our dance friends, before we all get SUPER sweaty.

…And a Group Boomerang


Ready, set, BEVEL! Gotta keep those Instagram Stories interesting.

Challenge Your Cast to a Heated Round of Heads-Up


Assuming they’re prepared to lose.

Plan a Gift Exchange


The only thing better than a Secret Santa is a Secret Santa with your dance crew.

Watch the Magic from the Wings


As long as your stage manager says it’s OK! 😁