Dancer #HairHacks You Need To Know

October 29, 2017

So, it’s Monday. And that means the struggle is super real right now. Which also means that just like everything else on Mondays, your hair is probably not cooperating. Which is a big problem for dancers, who need it to just. stay. put. through even the roughest of combos.

That’s why we’ve gathered a few of our favorite #hairhacks to save you from the bedhead. Behold:

1. Hairspray + a toothbrush = a quick fix for flyaways

Plagued with annoying little stray hairs? Take your strongest hairspray, spray it on an (unused) toothbrush and brush those babies down without messing up the rest of your style.

2. Spray your bobby pins with hairspray

If your bobby pins are constantly slipping, sliding, and falling out, spray them with some hairspray before putting them into your hair. They’ll stick much longer. And for even more grip, stick bobby pins into your hair with the jagged side down instead of up.

3. Wet your hair before styling

If you wet your hair to do sleek styles like super-tight ballet buns, your hair will turn out smoother and will lay tighter on your head. Hello, #flawless.

4. Updos work best on dirty hair

Hair is less likely to fall down when its been a day or two since you’ve washed it. The natural oil buildup makes it less smooth and slippery. So, if you’ve got an important performance or showcase coming up, maybe skip the shower and turn to some good old dry shampoo.