Next-Level #TBT: Meet Janet Jackson's Backup Dancers…from 1993 (Including One Future Superstar)

April 25, 2018

Because the entire world wants to #DanceWithJanet—and because what seemed like literally half the world just descended on L.A. to audition in person for the icon, at her first open dance call in more than 10 years—we thought we’d take an extra-special walk down memory lane this Thursday. Friends, meet the cast of dancers for Ms. Jackson’s 1993 tour.

In a singularly epic throwback video, Jackson introduces us to her dance crew for the Janet World Tour. You’ll probably recognize the fabulous Tina Landon, who also choreographed the whole thing. But there’s another face in particular that’s…well, to call it “familiar” would be a bit of an understatement.

You guys: It’s Jennifer Lopez.


Take a second to pull together whatever pieces you can find of your head, which we’re guessing just exploded.

We love this so, so much. And obviously, we’ll all be keeping a close eye on the sure-to-be-insane crew that ends up dancing with Janet this time around. Because any one of them could be the next J.Lo. (Or the next Jenna Dewan.)

By the way—if you’d like to see what Landon’s choreo for that 1993 tour looked like, check out this footage from a verrry 90s MTV special (which is, sadly, Lopez-less, but still amazing):