Poetry in Motion with ABT

February 4, 2009

Always the English nerd, I entered a poetry contest in sixth grade and won first place! I thought it was soooo cool when they painted my poem on the wall for the whole school to see—until I found out about ABT’s first ever Page to Stage Poetry Contest going on now. The winning poem isn’t put on some random wall in a school. Instead, it becomes a ballet, choreographed and performed by members of ABT!


Contestants must be fourth or fifth grade public school students in NYC. The poem should be based on the theme, “What Makes You Move?” and entries will be judged on creativity, emotion, and poetic structure. The piece inspired by the winning poem will be performed at ABT’s Young People’s Ballet Workshop—a free performance for over 3,500 NYC public school students that takes place on June 5! Even more, the young poet will get to join the performers for an on-stage bow.


Poems must be postmarked by March 3! So click here for all the info, grab a pen and start making that hand move…while I try to figure out if I can pass for a fifth grader…