Everything We Know About “SYTYCD” Season 16

May 29, 2019

Season 16 of “So You Think You Can Dance”
premieres this Monday, June 3! Need help getting through the last few days (or hours, really, EEE) before Nigel’s first “Cue music”? Take a look at our roundup of all the info that’s trickled out so far about the new season.

The Competitors Include Some Familiar Faces

We spotted a few dancers we know in the season’s preview videos, including Dance Spirit Cover Model Search winner Sydney Burtis, James “Animated J” Jimenez (who does that truly insane split in the vid above), “Dance Moms” alum Gino Cosculluela, and ballroom siblings Stephanie and Ezra Sosa. It sounds like Vlad Kvartin, who’s performed with the “Dancing with the Stars” troupe, also auditioned—which means it’s shaping up to be a super-strong ballroom season.

There Are Two Brand-New Judges

And here they are in action! (Adam Rose/FOX)

Vanessa Hudgens and tWitch aren’t returning to the “jidges” table this season (*tear*). In their places—at least for the audition and Academy rounds—will be legendary choreographer Laurieann Gibson and “SYTYCD” and “America’s Best Dance Crew” alum Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval.

We Might Already Know Who the All Stars Are

There’s no official word yet on the identities of this season’s All Stars. But at a recent promotional event, 10 our favorites—five men and five women, hmmm!—performed a fabulous rendition of Mark Kanemura’s “Call Me Mother” routine. Could this be the Season 16 All Star crew?

The Live Shows Will Feature a Top 10—Not a Top 20

Season 15 Academy dancers just before they found out that only 10 of them would be moving on to the live shows (we spy Hannahlei Cabanilla!) (Adam Rose/FOX)

Yup, this was confirmed by Nigel himself: Last season’s big plot twist—that 10, rather than 20, dancers would make it to the live shows—is just a fact this season.

The Show’s Got a New “Look”

Not exactly sure what that means yet, but we are VERY into the 360-degree camerawork we’ve seen in the preview clips.

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