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Giving Comps Credit

If you can’t make it to Boston to see Melissa Hough dance, do a YouTube search and you’ll find she’s every bit as versatile as her repertory suggests. In a pas de deux with Mateo Klemmayer from Diana and Acteon, the Boston Ballet soloist proves herself to be a leggy, supple dancer who glides effortlessly […]

San Francisco Ballet's Vanessa Zahorian Talks About Dancing Aurora

Vanessa Zahorian has been on the fast track ever since she joined San Francisco Ballet in 1997. She attained the rank of principal dancer in just five years. And over the last decade, she has continued to impress her audiences in a wide range of classical and contemporary works. Last season, Vanessa made headlines with […]

Improve Your Fouettes

It’s been haunting your dreams since you could say the words “Swan Lake.” It’s a rite of passage, a moment of exhilaration, a sign that you’ve been elevated from one of the pack to leader of the pack. What is it? A fouetté—32 of them, to be precise. Mastering this feat takes hard work and […]

Backstage Before Showtime

Jennifer Goodman, a seasoned member of The Joffrey Ballet, tells DS how she prepares for her role as Helena in The Dream 60 minutes before the curtain rises. 60 minutes: Physical Therapy Goodman, already in full makeup, gets a 10-minute physical therapy treatment an hour prior to curtain. For the tendonitis in her left foot, […]