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Whiteness in Dance

In our nation, black, white, and brown peoples inherit a mixed, shared culture. This is what makes the U.S.A. what it is. Each generation seeks new ways of dealing with old problems. American race relations in the new century are not the same as they were 100 years ago, and new ways of thinking about […]

Learn the Glide

J ustin does it. So do Usher and Missy. Nearly every time you flip on MTV you can see an R&B star shifting seamlessly between toe and heel, sliding over the floor’s surface in an effortless glide. It looks easy, but it takes skill and time to master the illusion of floating across the stage. […]

Travis Wall's Turning Tips

  Since “So You Think You Can Dance” concluded last August, life has been moving at warp speed for runner-up Travis Wall. He participated in a large-scale tour with the rest of the show’s top 10, taught for New York City Dance Alliance and moved to L.A. from Virginia Beach. His head isn’t the only […]

It's a Wrap

Whether you’re going back to class after an injury or just need extra support, a proper tape job can do the trick. Here’s how to wrap your ankle, arch and patellar tendon. Target: Ankle To support: Weak ankles Use: Elastikon Flex foot, and lay the tape across the ankle from the inside anklebone down toward […]

Top Directors on Auditioning Smart

This is the season of auditioning for summer ballet programs. To help you prepare, DS took questions to the heads of five schools connected with major ballet companies: Shelly Power, associate director of Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy; Linda Villella and Crista Villella, School Director and Assistant Ballet Mistress, respectively, of Miami City Ballet School; […]

How to Achieve Breathtaking Layouts

The layout is a traditional jazz step that shows off a dancer’s flexibility and range of motion. Here, DS brings you insight on perfecting this impressive move. Toughen up legs. The power of the posture is the standing leg, says L.A. jazz teacher (and former Cher and Prince dancer) Salvatore Vassallo. Prevent the standing leg’s […]