The 6 Best Things About Dance Competition Nationals

July 2, 2019

You’ve clocked in hours of practice, rounded up every single bobby pin you could find, and told friends “I can’t, I have dance” so many times you might as well write it on your forehead. But the summer sacrifices are worth it, because you’ve finally arrived: This. Is. Nationals.

To get you even more hyped, we’ve rounded up the top six best things about the magical celebration that is #NationalsWeek.

Achieving Total Destination Takeover


Besides their impeccable posture, dancers usually keep a pretty low profile in public. But for one glorious week at the Nationals hotel, you can let that dancer flag fly! Running group routines full-out in the middle of the lobby? Totally normal! Walking into the hotel restaurant in full hair/makeup/costume? Nobody will look twice! Enjoy dancetopia while you can.

Being Around Your Dance Family 24/7


From pool parties to backstage pep talks, Nationals gives you the opportunity to bond with your teammates (and teachers) on a whole new level. If you can survive 11:30 pm awards ceremonies together, your studio can get through anything.

Getting Crazy Inspired


The routines at Nationals are the cream of the crop. From morning to night, the Nationals stage is filled with creativity, passion, and talent—all yours to draw inspiration from. It’s basically the equivalent of seeing a different Broadway show every day!

Playing Tourist


Most likely, you’ve traveled some distance to get to the big city where Nationals is held. When you’re not competing, there’s so much to explore! Nationals is basically the best annual family vacation.

Having One LastChance to CRUSH Your Routines


Is there anything better than your team finally nailing the turn sequence you’ve struggled with all season? And hearing the crowd go wild at the end of your last production number?

Making New Nationals Friends


Competitiveness is overrated. Nationals is the perfect place to befriend dancers just like you from ALL across the country! You’d be surprised how small the dance world is—the friends you make now could be your classmates or cast mates someday.