8 Weird Things Dancers Can't Live Without

February 7, 2018

Being a dancer comes with the responsibility of constantly being prepared for anything. And that means every dancer has a few essential troubleshooting items ready to go in her dance bag—no matter how strange those items might seem to a non-dancer.

Here are 8 weird things dancers can’t live without.

Tennis balls

Forget sports—tennis balls are the perfect on-the-go massage items. Not only do they fit easily in your bag, but they’re great for getting knots out before class.


Oh, no—not for your hair. When the dance floor is just too slippery, you know to lay down a coat of your go-to hairspray to prevent any falling injuries. (Non-diet soda works in a pinch, too.)

A screwdriver

A tap dancer’s worst nightmare? Their tap plates coming loose. Don’t fret! As long as you have your trusty screwdriver, you’ll be good to go.

Dental floss

Although dental hygiene is very important, having some floss on you is even more necessary if you’ve got pointe shoes to sew (and we always do).

New Skin

When a blistered toe is killing you, nothing can get you back on your feet quicker than a dab of New Skin.

Nail clippers

No self-respecting dancer keeps these in her medicine cabinet—they belong in your bag at all times. Broken toenails are nothing to joke about and must be dealt with immediately.

Lucky socks

They’re good for keeping your feet warm. They provide just the right amount of slipperiness for contemporary class. They’re your lucky socks—and so what if they have Batman on them? No judgment.

Medical tape

Aka toe tape. So. Much. Toe. Tape.