10 Moods You Experience While Taking Online Dance Class

April 21, 2020

Online dance classes have become an unexpected mainstay of our lives. And while we’re huge fans of the technology that has made it possible for us to keep dancing from our homes, we’ve also faced some of the frustrations that come with dancing from our homes.

So if you’ve yelled at your WiFi or tripped over your dog while #SocialDisDancing, this one’s for you—the 10 moods we all go through while taking online dance class.

When You Try to Make a Home Studio

Have you always had this much stuff? It all has to go if you’re going to do so much as a tendu.

When You Put on a Leotard and Tights for the First Time in Weeks

Up until now, it’s been sweatpants—all day, erryday.

When You Figure Out All the Tech…

You’re a dancer, not a coder, okay? But hey, you figured out how to download Zoom!

…and THEN Your WiFi Quits on You

Now is NOT the time.

When Nobody Mutes Their Mic

Don’t you love it when 20 people talk over each other at the same time? No? That’s weird…

When You’re Trying to Let Your Teacher Know You’re Paying Attention

“Thumbs up if you have the combo down!” *Aggressively puts thumbs up*

When Your Mom Walks Into the Frame

OMG Mom, you’re embarrassing me! (But maybe you should have given her a heads-up before you started.)

When You Go Full Out…

Okay, you’re totally slaying!

…and Forget You’re Not in the Studio

Aanndd, you crashed into your wall/desk/dresser/couch/chair/table/dog.

When You Finish Class and Feel Totally Proud of Yourself

Sure, it got a bit crazy in the middle there. But at least you got off the couch!