10 Things Dancers Can't Stand

November 29, 2018

As dancers, we’re a group of super-passionate people. And because of that, we can sometimes snap when people judge us unfairly or do something we just can’t stand. Here are 10 things that make all dancers really angry.

When a Commercial Casts a Non-Dancer in Pointe Shoes

This happens ALL. THE. TIME. There are so many dancers out there who would be glad to promote your beauty products while wearing pointe shoes in the correct way.

When We’re Stereotyped as Being Snobby

In the wise words of Ariana Grande: Thank you, next…

When the Taps on Our Tap Shoes Get Loose

Grab the screwdriver.

When People Ask Us to Dance/Tilt in Public

We save the flexibility for the studio.

When Our Tights Keep Ripping

At this point, we might as well just invest in tights. Capezio, hit us up.

When Someone Shows Up to Class Without Having Rehearsed 

Seriously!? Never show up to class without having practiced your steps. Everyone will be able to tell.

When We Fall Out of Our Turns

RIP to our perfect triple pirouette.

When Someone Says Dance is Easy

Whoever said this needs to be cut out of your life ASAP.

When We Don’t Get a Solo 

In the words of Sharpay Evans: “This is not what I want, this is not what I planned. And I just gotta say, I do not understand!”

When Someone Asks If We’re Going to Get a “Real Job”

…literally never speak to us again.