September 28, 2020

Live performances and classes may still be mostly on pause, but the dance community continues moving and shaking. Podcasts are one of our fave ways to keep up with the dance world in an entertaining and informative way. Try listening to one of these pod recs while stretching, cooking, or on your commute—even if your commute these days is from your bed to your at-home dance studio.

The Dance Edit Podcast

Dance Media’s own podcast
features a rotating panel of Dance Media editors recapping all of the week’s biggest dance-related news. Everything from the latest ballet company promotions to social media’s newest dance trends are covered in less than 30 minutes—just the right amount of time for your morning coffee or your stretching routine.

Conversations on Dance

In “Conversations on Dance,” Former Miami City Ballet dancers Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Sean Breeden take a weekly dive into the ballet world with interviews featuring professional dancers, choreographers, artistic directors, and educators from around the world. The longer episodes are perfect for indulging your inner (or outer) dance nerd.

The Ensemblist

If you’re still mourning the (temporary!) closure of your fave Broadway show, this podcast might help tide you over until we can return to the Great White Way. “The Ensemblist” shines the spotlight on some of the hardest working performers on Broadway—the ensemble. (Side note: We’re still waiting on a Tony Award for Best Ensemble!) Each episode features interviews with ensemble performers talking about anything and everything—from their toughest auditions to the teachers that inspired them.

Three Bonus Podcasts From Our Dance Faves

Some of our favorite dancers have dabbled in podcasting and have archived episodes available to stream.

The Stage Rightside with James Whiteside” is another ballet-themed podcast hosted by ABT principal and social media superstar James Whiteside.

The Dance Room” with Heather Morris and Ava Bernstine-Mitchell focuses on the danciest shows on TV and conversations with some of our commercial dance faves.

On “The Kathryn Morgan Show,” Kathryn Morgan (hey girl!) offers her trademark sisterly advice to young dancers.