A Backstage Pass

November 26, 2012

There’s something about the onstage glamour and sparkle of ballet that makes peeks at ballet dancers’ backstage lives extra thrilling. What goes on before they don those beautiful tutus? What’s happening to the feet inside those shiny pointe shoes? Even as a former ballet dancer who pretty much knows the answers to those questions—i.e., ballet feet are kind of gross—I’m still fascinated by peeps into the wings.

You’re probably already familiar with these gorgeous, high-gloss portraits photographer Henry Leutwyler took of the New York City Ballet dancers last year. But this past winter, Leutwyler went into the trenches with the NYCB dancers, following them through classes and rehearsals. He captured images of a grittier—if no less beautiful—ballet world.

His book of these photos, Ballet, comes out in December. Beginning tomorrow, the images are also on display at the Foley Gallery in New York. Here’s a sneak peek at the collection, via New York Magazine.

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