5 Awesome Dancewear Sales Going On Right Now

November 4, 2018

Every so often, the e-retail gods conspire to save us from that weekly terror known as *~Monday~*. Today marks another one of those rare and precious moments.

We aren’t sure why so many sales are happening simultaneously, but we’re certainly not mad about it: Five of our favorite dancewear brands are offering pretty fun discounts right now. So gently release your plans for a productive Monday evening (who were you kidding, really?) and resolve to wind down with some online-retail therapy. (It’s called #SelfCare, dancers. Look it up.)


Performance Tech hoodies, fleece items, shorts and other items that are already on sale get an additional 40 percent off through Tuesday. Just use code 40FORYOU at checkout.

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{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Soffe”, “credit”: “u003cpu003eu003ca href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm1kx2rB69r/” target=”_blank”u003ewww.instagram.comu003c/au003eu003c/pu003en”, “description”: “u003cpu003ePerformance Tech hoodies, fleece items, shorts and other itemsu003ca href=”https://www.soffe.com/asearch?q=additional+off+sale+lpu0026amp;mi_ecmp=u0026amp;mi_u=0bdd03e8000000000000000000000c729cb4u0026amp;utm_source=brontou0026amp;utm_medium=emailu0026amp;utm_term=Shop+Saleu0026amp;utm_content=Want+an+extra+40%25+off+sale?u0026amp;utm_campaign=2018:+11w1+40%25+off+Sale” target=”_blank”u003e that are already on saleu003c/au003e get an additional 40 percent off through Tuesday. Just use code 40FORYOU at checkout.u003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “Soffe on Instagram: u201cFall is coming… and so is sweater weather! Stay cozy in our ultra soft fleece. #ootd #fashion #fallfashion #fallstyle #style #fall #chicu2026u201d”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Discount Dance Supply”, “credit”: “u003cpu003eu003ca href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/BpzrTajHGNs/” target=”_blank”u003ewww.instagram.comu003c/au003eu003c/pu003en”, “description”: “u003cpu003eDiscount Dance Supply’s u003ca href=”https://www.discountdance.com/search/styles:TB3,tb4,tb5?utm_source=Cordialu0026amp;utm_medium=emailu0026amp;utm_campaign=P110418_HolidayGiftIdeas_EMu0026amp;utm_term=PerfectHolidayGift” target=”_blank”u003elimited-edition turning boardu003c/au003e, available in 3 colors, syncs with a (free!) mobile app to help you calculate the number of turns and their speed. When you pick up one of these high-tech training toys now through Wednesday, DDS will send you a $10 code for a future purchase.u003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “Discount Dance Supply on Instagram: u201cThe perfect holiday gift!u2764ufe0f TurnBoard PRO App is HERE with a $10 code!u2728 Donu2019t miss it! Limited edition with limited quantities. Get itu2026u201d”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Covalent Activewear”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eNow through November 30, you’ll save 10 percent when you buy Covalent’s u003ca href=”http://www.covalentactivewear.com/index.php/ladies-flow-jacket.html” target=”_blank”u003eLadies Flow Jacketu003c/au003e and/or the u003ca href=”http://www.covalentactivewear.com/index.php/catalog/category/view/id/30?mc_cid=906705fad0u0026amp;mc_eid=d93f9f6d34″ target=”_blank”u003eLadies Viking Sweat Pantu003c/au003e.u003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia covalentactivewear.comu003c/pu003e”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Bloch Inc.”, “credit”: “u003cpu003eu003ca href=”https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk5XRabAy_6/” target=”_blank”u003ewww.instagram.comu003c/au003eu003c/pu003en”, “description”: “u003cpu003eYou already know about Bloch’s awesome dance clothes and shoes. But did you know that they also make u003ca href=”https://us.blochworld.com/sale?utm_source=newsletteru0026amp;utm_medium=emailu0026amp;utm_campaign=2018-11-03%20Daylight%20Savings%20Sale” target=”_blank”u003eoh-so-elegant ballet flatsu003c/au003e? Now’s your chance to try them out, as they’re marked down 30 percent. u003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “BLOCH on Instagram: u201cThe top 3 reasons our Fashion Flats are perfect for the summer: 1. Theyu2019re SUPER comfortable. 2. They come in various colors and styles. 3.u2026u201d”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Jo+Jax”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eWell, it’s more like 24 hours at this point. Input the code Fall3030 at checkout for 30 percent off throughout u003ca href=”https://www.joandjax.com/” target=”_blank”u003ejoandjax.comu003c/au003e between now and Tuesday afternoon. And step on it!u003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia joandjax.comu003c/pu003e”}