5 of the Best Holiday Movie Dance Scenes to Get You in the Spirit

December 9, 2020

Looking for some holiday films to enjoy while curled up on the couch (or stretching in front of the TV)? Well, look no further, because we have a list of the best holiday movie dance scenes that are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit—the *Dance Spirit*, that is. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

White Christmas
is full of iconic movie musical moments, but the scene when Vera-Ellen and Danny Kaye dance out of a party and into the garden is one of the best. This number has everything—floating ballroom steps, a tap break within a dance routine, and even a zip-line. The icing on the cake is when Rosemary Clooney finds the pair and starts a conversation while they’re still in their dramatic final pose.

It’s not like Linus and Snoopy will be guest artists on “So You Think You Can Dance” anytime soon, but their grooves to Schroder’s musical arrangements sure are fun to watch. We’ve got shoulder shimmies, some ponies, and whatever zombie shuffle the kid in the green shirt is doing. Could the A Charlie Brown Christmas be the next viral TikTok dance?

Little Women
may not be strictly a holiday movie, but hear us out. The music, warm candlelight, and the snow on the ground give us all the New England holiday vibes—plus there are Christmas trees and garlands all over the party. That’s enough for us.

Combine that with Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan performing Monica Bill Barnes choreo and you have a heartwarming holiday dance moment that we’re ready to watch on repeat.

This list has room for some new favorites, too. Within the first five minutes of Netflix’s newest Christmas movie-musical we’re immersed in a dance-filled number that can only be described as a perfect combo of A Christmas Carol, The Wiz, and The Greatest Showman.

We never said this list had to be all about strictly traditionally ~good~ dancing. We’re going for vibes here, people. Harry Potter himself probably wouldn’t last past the first week on “Dancing with the Stars,” but this scene conjures all the most magical holiday feelings. Focus on the pine trees and the falling snow, and ignore Harry’s questionable ballroom technique.