5 of Our Favorite Class Videos of All Time

April 17, 2017

How crazy has the rise of the class video been? Within the past year or so, we’ve basically come to expect that L.A.’s top commercial choreographers will put out a new internet-breaking vid every week. Here are five of our all-time favorites. (And be sure to read a whole lot more about the class video trend in the May/June issue of Dance Spirit.)

“Where They From” – Tricia Miranda

It’s a known fact: Tricia Miranda is Queen of the Viral Class Video. While her vid to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” got over 30 million views on YouTube, her choreography to Missy Elliot’s “Where They From” got just as much attention from non-dance outlets. This video features some of our favorite dancers, including Josh Killacky, Kaycee Rice and Aidan Prince Xiong.

“River” – Galen Hooks

Galen Hooks’ choreography is so simple, yet so powerful. All the dancers—especially Hooks herself—are invested both physically and emotionally in every movement. Plus, pulling that all off in heels is no mean feat.

“Touch” – Brian Friedman

To be honest, it’d be hard for this list NOT to include a video with Jade Chynoweth front and center. No matter what style she’s doing, she’s the star of the show. And she’s at her best doing Brian Friedman’s technical, athletic, sensual choreo.

“Slow Motion” – Matt Stefanina

This video came out in July 2015; we were obsessed with it then and we’re obsessed with it now. Two of its teeniest dancers, Tahani Anderson and Sheadan Gabriel, went on to compete on “So You Think You Can Dance” last summer—this video was just a sneak peek at their phenomenal talent.

“Upgrade U” – WilldaBeast

Everyone knows that if you’re going to choreograph to Beyoncé, you have to do it justice. And WilldaBeast, who has a whole Beyoncé series, never disappoints on that front. Be prepared to watch this over and over and over again.