7 Velvet Leos for an On-Trend Studio Look

October 25, 2018

Classwear has come a long way in terms of pairing style with practicality. But while designs like mesh inserts and bold prints can work all year round, other elements lend themselves to particular seasons. Case in point: velvet. The fuzzy fabric has made its way from the runway to real life, and now, even dance rehearsal. Thicker than your average cotton or lycra leotards, velvet’s extra cozy material and luxe look makes it perfect for the cooler months ahead. Shop our top picks, and get ready for a barrage of leotard compliments at the barre.

LeaMarie Tatiana Leotard

via LeaMarie

Combining two trends we love, LeaMarie paired a black velvet bodice with mesh sleeves that include polka dots and a pop of teal color.

leamarie.com, $80

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{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “LeaMarie Tatiana Leotard”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eCombining two trends we love, LeaMarie paired a black velvet bodice with mesh sleeves that include polka dots and a pop of teal color.u003cbru003eu003ca href=”https://leamarie.com/collections/salon/products/tatiana-1″ target=”_blank”u003eleamarie.com, $80u003c/au003eu003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia LeaMarieu003c/pu003e”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Elevu00e9 Dancewear Bethany Leotard”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eWhile Elevu00e9 has endless velvet options, from leotards made up u003ca href=”http://www.elevedancewear.com/ilia-olive-velvet-rtw/” target=”_blank”u003eentirely of the fabricu003c/au003e to the u003ca href=”http://www.elevedancewear.com/elsa-gilded-cranes-rtw/” target=”_blank”u003esubtlest trimu003c/au003e, this velvet-striped leo is the perfect in betweenu2014plus, you can customize it in any color you like.u003cbru003eu003ca href=”http://www.elevedancewear.com/bethany-leotard/” target=”_blank”u003eelevedancewear.com, $75u003c/au003eu003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia Elevu00e9 Dancewearu003c/pu003e”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Body Wrappers Velvet Bodice Leotard”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eBody Wrappers teamed up with New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck to create this black tank leo with a touch of velvet at the bust.u003cbru003eu003ca href=”https://www.justforkix.com/dance/Velvet-Bodice-Leotard-P670.html?i=5u0026amp;q=velvetu0026amp;qi=58482951″ target=”_blank”u003ejustforkix.com, $22.99u003c/au003eu003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia Just For Kixu003c/pu003e”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “BalTogs 3/4 Sleeve Velvet Leotard”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eAvailable in black, navy and burgundy, BalTogs’ velvet and mesh combo is a classic winter staple.u003cbru003eu003ca href=”https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_BT5082_html?pid=24467u0026amp;shop=Styleu0026amp;u0026amp;skey=velvetu0026amp;search=trueu0026amp;SortOrder=Ru0026amp;rfilter=Age%23Adultu0026amp;SID=1316174392″ target=”_blank”u003ediscountdance.com, $35.59u003c/au003eu003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia Discount Dance Supplyu003c/pu003e”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “AinslieWear Karina Leotard”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eIf long sleeves aren’t your thing, AinslieWear’s winter green take on velvet still has a seasonal feel thanks to its mesh high neck.u003cbru003eu003ca href=”https://www.ainsliewear.com/shop/leotards/karina-with-mesh-velvet/” target=”_blank”u003eainsliewear.com, $88u003c/au003eu003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia Ainsliewearu003c/pu003e”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Ballet Rosa Lilly Leotard”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eu003ca href=”http://www.balletrosa.com/faq” target=”_blank”u003eMade-to-orderu003c/au003e, Ballet Rosa’s turtleneck velvet leo can also double as a bodysuit perfect for pairing with jeans. It also comes in eight different color options, from tried-and-true black to cotton candy pink.u003cbru003eu003ca href=”http://www.balletrosa.com/models/view/114/front” target=”_blank”u003eballetrosa.comu003c/au003eu003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia Ballet Rosau003c/pu003e”}

{“product_info”: {“caption”: “Buy Now”, “product_price”: 0, “product_vendor”: false, “linkout_url”: false, “product_compare_at_price”: 0}, “headline”: “Eurotard Velvet Tank Leotard”, “credit”: “”, “description”: “u003cpu003eThe crushed velvet material of this leotard elevates its simple tank silhouette into something that gets us in the holiday spirit.u003cbru003eu003ca href=”https://eurotard.com/v4/ShowStyle.aspx?style=1209″ target=”_blank”u003eeurotard.com, $20u003c/au003eu003c/pu003e”, “caption”: “u003cpu003evia Eurotardu003c/pu003e”}