8 Dance YouTubers You Need to Be Watching

December 15, 2018

From beauty gurus, to pranksters, to documentary makers (aka Shane Dawson), YouTubers are all the rage nowadays. And thankfully, some of our favorite dancers have hopped on the YouTube train themselves! Here are 8 of them you need to start watching—basically every second of every day.

Hamilton Evans

Hamilton Evans is a dance genius. His choreography is constantly on point and will inspire you every day.

Kyle Hanagami

Speaking of killer choreo, Kyle Hanagami is a legend. His choreo to Ariana Grande’s song “Breathing”? Truly #iconic.

Tate McRae

In addition to dance vids, DS favorite Tate McRae regularly posts original songs, music videos, and fun interviews on her channel. And she’s about to hit one million subscribers!

Sabrina Lonis

If you don’t know who Sabrina Lonis is, you better get to watching!

1Million Dance Studio

It’s nearly impossible not to fall down a YouTube rabbit hole after watching one video from 1Million Dance Studio.

Ranz Kyle

Ranz Kyle’s sibling dance battles are the cutest things you’ll watch.

Maddie Ziegler

We can’t forget about our OG queen, Maddie!

Mackenzie Ziegler

And of course, Mackenzie Ziegler deserves all the love too!