8 Things Only Dancers Understand

September 14, 2016

We may live all over the world and study different styles, but there are (at least) eight things that we can all relate to:

  1. We’re not Hermione with her time-turner, but we come close: “So you dance 15 hours a week and take 3 Advanced Placement classes and compete every weekend and assistant-teach at your studio and make honor roll?” Yep.
  2. We can always get one. more. loop. out of our hair elastic.
  3. IT’S NOT CALLED PRACTICE! Say it with us: Rehearsal.
  4. An empty studio holds infinite possibility.
  5. A moment not spent stretching or doing self-massage is a moment wasted.
  6. We really wish we could make it to your birthday party/that concert/prom but we just can’t. We have dance.
  7. We will verbally take down anyone who suggests dance is easy.
  8. Finally hitting the stage is the best feeling in the world.


(Dancers at the Houston Ballet Academy, including Cover Model Search finalist Tatiana Melendez!)

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