This '80s Aerobics Video Set to "Shake It Off" Is Almost Too Good

November 6, 2014

Hey, hey, hey! Have the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world been getting you especially down and out this week? I have the perfect Friday pick-me-up for you!

Like most great pick-me-ups, it involves Taylor Swift’s sick beats. But in a surprise twist, it also features an aerobics video from the glorious ’80s.

That’s right, friends: Somebody brilliant figured out that TSwift’s “Shake It Off” is even more amazing when it’s accompanied by a legion of spandex-clad jazzercisers. They’re so happy! The song is so happy! Everybody’s SO HAPPY!


There’s an especially fantastic moment, when the music gods and the aerobics gods align in an unthinkably perfect way, around 1:18. You’ll know it when you see it. And the cherry on top? The aerobics video was filmed in…1989. I just got chills.

Come to think of it—Taylor would have been totally into aerobics had she come of age in the ’80s, amirite? Let’s get her involved:

Yup, fits right in!

Happy Friday, everyone.

The original video has been removed due to copyright issues, womp. Before you go off and cry a million tears, though, here’s a bit of consolation: We were able to dig up the original (non-TSwift) aerobics video. Play it on mute, cue up “Shake It Off” in Spotify iTunes, and let the magic happen: