This 98-Year-Old Dance Teacher Will Melt Your Heart

March 18, 2018

You know what they say: “Age is just a number.” But no one proves that quite like Joyce Harper. At 98 (!) years old she’s still teaching ballet, and is currently breaking the internet with her adorableness.

We first met Joyce in a video by the BBC, where she took viewers inside her children’s dance classes in England, and talked about how her passion for ballet is still going strong after all these years. “If I couldn’t dance or carry on I would be very bored, you know,” she says. “It just keeps me interested, keeps me alive.” US TOO, JOYCE, US TOO. 😭😭

Then, in an interview for Metro UK, we learned that Joyce is still teaching at the very same dance studio she founded in 1946 when she was 26 years old, Henleaze School of Dance. NBD.

Joyce Harper at 25 years old (via Metro UK/SWNS)

“I have taught ballet to generations of children,” Joyce says. “I’ve seen some right through from when they were little ones, and then see them coming back with their own children and grandchildren.”

Read the full interview at Metro UK and check out the insanely cute footage of Joyce’s classes below. If these clips don’t inspire you to keep on dancin’, we’re not sure anything will.