A Control Freakz' Take on Adele

September 7, 2014

What makes a good hip-hop video? A dynamic cast, a catchy pop song and high quality camera work, for starters. Jon Boogz of the Control Freakz—remember them from “So You Think You Can Dance”?—has hit all those points in his latest project to Adele’s “Daydreamer.”

He and fellow dancer Rokka groove on a bench (and we already know that benches + dance = perfection) in the brightest sunshine, on the greenest grass and under the bluest sky you’ve ever seen. (Can you tell that I’m clinging to the last shreds of summer?)

You know how much we love a good hip-hop pas de deux, and this one combines some cool partnering with a more traditional side-by-side format. Check out the video below.