A Recap of the VMAs in 11 GIFs and 6 Photos

March 22, 2017

You guys. A lot happened at the VMAs last night. A LOT.

We still can’t feel our faces after all that a-lot-ness. So rather than trying to wax eloquent about the proceedings, we’re going to run down the highlights in photo and/or GIF form. Which is really more in keeping with the MTV spirit of things anyway, amirite?

Miley Cyrus wore no fewer than 10 very Miley outfits.

These being the three most tame. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

She also danced with a fabulous collection of drag queens, burlesque performers and trans activists.

Nicki Minaj brought us crazy Carnival chic…

…made up with Taylor Swift…

…and beefed with Miley.

Justin Bieber showed us he’s still got it…

…went flying…

(Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

…and started crying.

Nick Jonas partied with some Moonman-lookalike backup dancers.

The Weeknd basically burned the place down.

Taylor and her posse loved it.

But NOBODY loved it as much as Kanye.

While accepting his Video Vanguard Award, Kanye also made a big announcement.

didn’t win for Best Choreography, but they did look absolutely fabulous…

(via @Nappytabs)

…and they brought along little London, which automatically wins them everything.

(via @Nappytabs)

Happy VMAs, friends. We’re gonna go take a nap now.