A Thank You Note to Bruno Mars

February 3, 2014

OK, so we’ve had a day to think it over—to relive the magic through GIFs, clips and discussion boards. It’s about time we take a minute to appreciate Bruno Mars and his epic Super Bowl halftime show.

Dear Bruno Mars,

Thanks for the fancy footwork…

That’s right: Bruno Mars’ band members double as his backup dancers. (Courtesy MTV.com)

…for that oh-so-smooth drop split…

(Courtesy MTV.com)

…for the body rolls…

(Courtesy villagevoice.com)

…for the spirit fingers…

Although, Sparky from Bring It On may be able to give you a few pointers… (Courtesy MTV.com)

…and for your inspiring performance of “Just The Way You Are,” aka the anthem of good boyfriends everywhere.

Be still my heart… (courtesy USA Today)

Oh, and thank you for inspiring some audience members at home to get up and dance, too:

(Shout out to People for that glorious collection of Vines.)

We know that Beyoncé was a tough act to follow, and we think that you did a downright respectable job.


Dance Spirit


(Didn’t catch the halftime show? We’ve got you covered:)