Follow These Adorable Tiny Dancers on a Tour of Hong Kong

October 6, 2018

What’s better than dancers doing their thing in unexpected urban locales? TINY dancers doing their thing in unexpected INTERNATIONAL urban locales!

Twinkle Dance Company (a studio with 4 locations in Hong Kong) has launched an awesome photography series that they’re calling Twinkle Dance Project HK. It features young dancers from the studio showing their stuff in amazing locations throughout the historic east Asian port city.

Hong Kong has a long and complicated history of colonization and control by countries including Great Britain and China. That convoluted, often painful past has contributed to make the city as vibrantly diverse as it is today. The photographs definitely promote that kaleidoscope of culture through thoughtful, fascinating captions—and of course with whimsical costumes that nod at Hong Kong’s rich visual culture.

Twinkle Dance Company is hinting that new photos are on the way soon, so keep an eye on their official Instagram for more of these super-cute travel guides. After all, who needs a walking tour when you can go on a dancing tour instead?