Advice From Chaz Buzan & Ryan Ramirez

December 14, 2012

I’ve gushed pretty significantly at this point about the January issue of DS. But stick with me, OK? It’s a good one and there’s so much more to Mia, Chaz and Ryan’s stories than what you get in print.

For example: Here are two of my favorite soundbites from my interviews with Mia Michaels’ go-to assistants (who appear with her on the cover), Chaz Buzan and Ryan Ramirez.

I asked: What’s your best advice for
Dance Spirit
Here’s what they said…

“If you want something, it can happen, and it will most likely happen if you’re comfortable with yourself. You can be inspired by people, but don’t try to dance like them. What stands out is someone who’s comfortable being different.” —Ryan Ramirez

“Have individuality and your own voice in your movement, especially when you improv. Someone like Mia can see when you’re closed off. So be ready. Just be ready.” —Chaz Buzan

It’s all about being unique, it seems. So go find a signature move, a cool accessory or a groovy mindset and make it your own. No cloning here!