This "Drag Race" Star Is About to Be the Next Abby Lee

August 23, 2018

And RuPaul is producing the show! Werkkkkkkkk.

Alyssa Edwards (offstage name: Justin Johnson)—Miss Gay America 2010 and probably/definitely the best dancer ever to emerge from “RuPaul’s Drag Race”—will star in a new docuseries called (what else?!) “Dancing Queen.” The eight-episode series will be available to stream on Netflix starting October 5.

Based on the trailers released thus far, it looks like the series will focus primarily on dance-centric drama at Beyond Belief Dance Company, the competition studio in Mesquite, TX, that Johnson owns and runs. “Dance Moms” 2.0?! YES, PLEASE.

You probably know Edwards best as the one of the saltiest (and most quotable!) “Drag Race” queens, but the series promises to show another side of this multitalented personality. After all, in 2016 Johnson told the Dallas Observer that the dance studio will always be his first love.

Another moment from that interview gives us a hint of what we might be able to expect from “Dancing Queen:” “This is my world,” Johnson said of Beyond Belief. “It brings me so much joy. But I want it to be full-out. If I put on a T-shirt that says ‘YAAAS,’ I want to mean it.” YAAAS, Alyssa, we are READY to go full-out on October 5!