We Want to Live Inside Andrew Winghart's Choreo for Louis The Child

March 14, 2017

Slickly produced music videos are their own (glorious) thing. But there’s something especially moving about videos that keep it simple: a group of charismatic dancers, a beautiful song, some striking choreography, an earnest message. And falling squarely in that latter category is the video for Louis The Child’s “Love Is Alive,” choreographed by the hugely talented Andrew Winghart:

Winghart is a master at making us feel feelings, and the forthright honesty of his choreographic message here—love, in all its different forms, is what we need—just might leave you in happy tears.

We also need to get this choreography on our bodies, STAT. It’s the type of fluidly organic movement that looks like it would feel amazing to dance.

Andrew Winghart fans: Be sure to check out his “Choreography Collage” in our April issue, where he breaks down the method behind the magic.