The Arnold Sisters Are Launching a YouTube Channel

September 15, 2019

YouTubers and Arnold sister stans, take note: One of our favorite powerhouse dancing families is starting its own YouTube channel! And considering that the Arnolds have gathered over nine thousand subscribers in just five days, it seems like we’re not the only ones who’ve been dreaming of this moment.

The four sisters—Lindsay, Jensen, Brynley, and Rylee—are ballroom-world royalty. And they’re no strangers to the camera: They’ve made their mark all over dance television, from “Dancing with the Stars” and “DWTS Juniors” to “So You Think You Can Dance.” Second-oldest sib Jensen says they started the channel as a way to keep others updated on their lives, and of course, as an excuse for quality sister bonding time. “We have an amazing following that genuinely wants to see what we are doing and what we’re up to, and this is the perfect way to show that,” she says.

New videos are set to be released every Thursday, but you can check out the first two on their channel now!