This Blood Orange Music Video Is a Love Letter to Maria Kochetkova

October 27, 2016

Cool kids everywhere are obsessed with hugely talented singer/songwriter Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange. Cool kids everywhere are also obsessed with world-class ballerina and all-around superhero Maria Kochetkova. What happens when you put these two artists in a ballet studio together? Magic of the highest, coolest order.

Magic also known as the music video for Blood Orange’s “I Know,” which features Hynes and Kochetkova in an elegantly playful dance-off. We see Hynes partnering Kochetkova; we see Kochetkova following Hynes’ movement cues, and Hynes following Kochetkova’s; we see the two of them laughing at his attempts to replicate her virtuosity. He’s so obviously in awe of her talent, and she’s so clearly respectful of his.

The whole thing is refreshingly spare—just the two of them, the empty studio, and the workings of their formidable imaginations. And the song is fantastic, which definitely doesn’t hurt.

Happy Friday, y’all:

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