6 of the Best Parts of Back-To-School for Dancers

September 13, 2020

And just like that, it’s September! While back-to-school this year might not be exactly what we’re used to, there are still a few things about starting a new dance year that we can (and will) appreciate. Here are six of the best parts of going back-to-school for dancers.

Reuniting with your dance besties

After spending the summer attending different intensives (virtually or in person), you’re finally back at your home studio and dancing with your squad. Whether IRL or online, you’re psyched to see them and compare notes after a summer spent dancing apart.

Starting fresh with a new schedule

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Maybe you’ve leveled up, are trying a new style, or maybe you’ve joined a whole new studio or program. Regardless, there’s nothing like a new weekly dance schedule to jolt you out of any creative or technical slumps.

And maybe new teachers

What better way to improve than with a fresh set of eyes giving you corrections? Maybe a new teacher this year will know just what to say to help you reach your next dance goal.

Sprucing up your dance wardrobe

The new dance season often calls for replacing ripped tights or worn out shoes. Complete the look with whatever shirt/sweatpants/sweatshirt you brought home from your summer program, and you’ve got the perfect #FirstDayFit.

Auditioning for your next performances

Auditions also might not be the way we’re used to this year, but whether you’re dancing in a socially-distant Nutcracker or crossing your fingers for this year’s comp season to work out, auditions are always exciting.

Getting back to the grind

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Summer is a time for new experiences and training outside your normal setting, but when you return to your home studio you get the chance to implement all you’ve learned. Now’s the time to remember the breakthroughs you made this summer, and turn those breakthroughs into good habits that will last all year round.