The Broadway World Is Obsessed with These Bags Made from Theater Backdrops

July 31, 2017

Theater backdrops are so magical onstage, helping bring a production’s distinctive world to life. But once a show closes, retired backdrops often end up languishing in theater closets and storage spaces, most of them destined for the trash pile.

Until, that is, Broadway stage manager Jen Kahn had a brilliant idea: Why not turn retired backdrops into adorable little bags? And why not donate a portion of the profits from the bags’ sales to the Theatre Development Fund’s Stage Doors program, which helps introduce kids to theater?

So Scenery Bags was born. Kahn—who also writes an ethical style blog called Linen, Lace, & Love—began making her cute pouches in 2015, sourcing drops (all graciously donated) from productions all over the country. The bags, which retail for $30, are handmade and, obviously, one of a kind; each one includes a tag with information about the show the drop is from.

Unsurprisingly, theater magic, up-cycling, and giving back proved to be a winning combo. Scenery Bags have been a huge hit in the musical theater community, earning Insta shoutouts from the likes of Krysta Rodriguez and Rachel Bloom.

Want your own Scenery Bag? There’s currently a waitlist for the next batch, but you can sign up for it here (and get 10% off “to apologize for the wait,” according to the site).