Ballet Meets Basketball

February 10, 2013

How fun is this? Miami City Ballet and the Miami Heat have teamed up to create a totally unlikely but totally awesome photo campaign, celebrating 25 years of both basketball and ballet in Miami.

MCB principals Jeanette and Patricia Delgado paired up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, respectively,  to “showcase the world class athleticism of…both sports and dance.” (It’s pretty amazing that even on pointe, the ladies are still more than a foot shorter than their bballing counterparts.)

Yesterday afternoon, the Delgados also “participated in various activities” during the Heat’s matchup with the L.A. Lakers. Please, please let this mean that LeBron and Dwyane will be making Nutcracker cameos come December.

(This is, by the way, one of those rare instances when I can get my boyfriend to show some honest enthusiasm for ballet. Everybody wins!)

Check out this behind-the-scenes footage from the photo shoot, which looks like it was good awkward fun: