A Ballet Version of The Red Shoes Is In the Works

March 22, 2017

The Red Shoes
, in all of its darkness and tragedy, is one of the most iconic and beautiful dance films out there—which is why I’ve always wondered when it would be adapted for the stage. Well, the time has finally come: Matthew Bourne, the genius choreographer behind New Adventures dance company, and productions like Bourne’s Swan Lake, recently announced he’s staging a version of The Red Shoes, which will premiere at the Plymouth Theater Royal in England this November. There aren’t a ton of details just yet, but we do know that New Adventures dancer Ashley Shaw will be dancing the lead role, and that the press release photo is gorgeous:

(Photo via New Adventures)

Since November’s a while away (and England pretty far), we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Red Shoes moments—from movie clips to Kathryn Morgan‘s beautiful performance, choreographed especially for her by Donald Garverick—to get you excited for the new production.

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