August 31, 2014

Blunt bangs are adorable, but they’re not always dance-friendly. Hair and makeup artist Chuck Jensen shows you three cute ways to get your bangs off your face for class.

Before You Begin:
If you have thick, coarse hair, spray your bangs with water to make them more manageable. If you have fine, slippery hair, spritz your fringe with hairspray to give it a little grip.

(Photo by Nathan Sayers)

1. The Twist:

Beginning at one side of your forehead, take a small section of your bangs, split it in two, and twist the pieces tightly together. Going across the length of your forehead, continue picking up small sections and adding them to the twist until you run out of bangs. Pin the finished twist securely at its end.

Chuck’s Tip: Be sure to cross the pins so they make an “X”—that will lock them in place.




(Photo by Nathan Sayers)

2. The French Braid:

Create a French braid along the top of your head, first bringing in pieces of your bangs and then incorporating longer lengths of hair.

Chuck’s Tip: Are shorter bang pieces sticking out of your braid? Use small pins to tamp them down.





(Photo by Nathan Sayers)

3. The Pouf:

Brush your bangs straight upward and tease them gently. Pull the teased bangs up and away from your face, rolling the ends under to create a small pouf. Secure the ends with bobby pins and plenty of hairspray.

Chuck’s Tip: To keep shorter pieces from falling out, grip the full length of your bangs between your index and middle fingers as you create your pouf.