Beautiful New York City Ballet Men + Beautiful Suits = Happy Monday

April 5, 2015

Um. So. The New York Times just kicked off a new section, “Men’s Style.” Which you wouldn’t really care much about except that we mean “kicked off” literally.

One of the section’s first stories, about suits that are more relaxed than buttoned-up, featured accompanying photos and video of two verrrrrrry pretty models: Zachary Catazaro and Joshua Thew of New York City Ballet. These are guys who look amazing in white tights and poet blouses, so you can imagine just how great they look in suits by Hermès and Dries Van Noten and Lanvin. And, since the article highlights suits you can move in, things got a little dance-y on set.

OK, very dance-y:

(All photos by Bon Duke for the
New York Times)

There’s nothing quite like a man in a suit. Unless it’s a dancer man in a suit.

Dancers. Men. Suits. Mmmmmm.

Happy Monday!