Behold: The High Strung Trailer

March 22, 2017


Here it is, in all its glory.

Is Keenan Kampa (aka Ruby) perfect? Yes. Is Ian Eastwood (aka Rik) and SwitchSteps Crew #squadgoals? Definitely. Is Nicholas Galitzine (aka Johnnie) very convincing as a struggling artist who really needs my Ruby’s help? Um, yeah.

We’ve been waiting for High Strung with baited breath, taking you behind the scenes and picking apart clues to its possible release date. We’re happy to announce that the film will hit theaters nationwide in April! In the meantime, the trailer does not disappoint.

Now, we’ll have to patiently wait for spring. And we really hope Kampa is reading for other films or working on other dance projects, because we miss her gorgeous dancing.

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