Mellow Out to This Dance-Filled Ben Harper Jam Sesh

January 6, 2015

The first week back after a long holiday break can be pretty stressful. In need of a good mellowing out? Picture this: A music studio set up to look like a cozy living room, complete with a few pianos, string insturments, a drumset, microphone stands—oh, and Ben Harper, the folksy, bluesy singer-songwriter who’s famous for laid-back tunes such as “Steal My Kisses” and “She’s Only Happy in the Sun.” You’re already feeling more relaxed, right? Well, the scene is about to get even sweeter.

Enter 13-year-old Lucy Vallely, a competition dancer from Long Beach, CA, who got the rare opportunity to accompany the Grammy-winner during this soulful jam session. (The video explains that Lucy’s dad and Harper are longtime friends.) She improvises to one of Harper’s greatest hits, “Diamonds on the Inside,” and the mix of his soft vocals with Lucy’s crisp technique is both soothing and charming. Check it out: