We Rounded Up All the Best Dancing at the 2019 VMAs

August 26, 2019

The MTV Video Music Awards are really a dancer’s dream awards show. Think about it: we get to hear our favorite songs sung live, see the music industry’s brightest stars decked out in ridiculous, over-the-top costumes, and watch some insanely full-out performances, courtesy of the dance world’s most talented dancers and choreographers.

This year’s VMAs were no exception. From start to finish, we saw act after act chock-full of some of the best dancing television has seen in a minute. In the (highly unlikely) event you missed the show, we gathered up all of the best dancing from last night.

Lil Nas X’s First VMAs

We’re all a little devastated that Lil Nas X didn’t use the VMAs as a chance to release yet another life-changing remix of “Old Town Road” (or as a chance to show off his underratedly amazing square dancing skills). But watching him perform—and I mean perform— his hit single “Panini” was entirely enjoyable. And, important life update: Lil Nas X can seriously MOVE, and he was there hitting every single step alongside his talented crew of backup dancers. Welcome to the VMAs, Lil Nas.

Lizzo, Lizzo’s Backup Dancers, and Queen Latifah in the Audience During Lizzo’s Performance

Friendly reminder from diva extraordinaire and general queen Lizzo that even if it’s starting to feel like fall, #HotGirlSummer is never really over. Lizzo’s VMAs performance was exactly what we expected in all the right ways, full of self-love affirmations, legendary costume changes, big-booty worship, and, of course, some of the best dancing of the night. Lizzo was backed up by an all-black, all-women, all-sizes dance troupe that we will probably never stop talking about. Watching them get down to her two self-love anthems, “Truth Hurts” and “Good as Hell,” was truly amazing. BRB, watching this performance any time we feel sad ever again.

Normani’s “Motivation” Solo

While Normani’s entire performance of her new hit single “Motivation” was completely full of to-die-for dancing, what we really can’t get over was her breakout solo. We have no choice but to stan a queen who is able to overcome a wardrobe malfunction and perform the hottest combination of floorwork, twerking, acrobatics, and hip hop we’ve ever seen. “Motivation” is right—Normani is out here reminding us we need to hit the studio.

Missy Elliott. Full Stop. 

If you’re sitting here wondering if Missy Elliott just gave the best VMAs performance of all time, you’re not alone. Elliott performed all of her classic hits, from “Work It,” “Get Ur Freak On,” “Pass That Dutch,” and even “Lose Control,” the classic bop that soundtracked roughly 99% of all bad hip-hop routines at recitals across the country in the early 2000s. One of the highlights of the performance (and the night) was when Elliott brought out phenom Alyson Stoner who appeared in the original music video for “Work It.” Top to bottom, Missy Elliott’s necklace says it all: this performance was iconic.