Here's All the Best Dancing From the 2020 VMAs

August 30, 2020

ICYMI: 2020 might be canceled, but the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards sure weren’t. And while this year’s VMAs weren’t live, as promised, they were definitely lit, and chock-full of all the fabulous dancing that we look forward to each year. In case you missed last night’s awards ceremony (or were too busy scrolling TikTok to tune in), we rounded up the best, danciest moments—from BTS, to Gaga, and beyond.

Chloe x Halle

Despite the fact that Chloe x Halle weren’t given a slot in the VMAs’ main performance lineup (we noticed, MTV, and we aren’t pleased), our fave dynamic sister duo came to slay. They kept it simple, suave, and sweet, performing the most iconic mic-ography we’ve seen in a minute.


Okay BTS, we see you, casually redefining the meaning of the phrase “boy band,” yet again. BTS made its Video Music Awards debut with a performance of “Dynamite,” the band’s first English-language single. And while it’s not exactly news that BTS has moves, they took their dancing to the next level with last night’s performance, putting every boy band that came before to shame. We’re putting boy bands everywhere on notice: We will no longer be accepting the “lip-bite, side-shuffle” as a legitimate dance move.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat took us there—if “there” is another planet where Doja is a naked, glittering mer-person, and there are hordes of talented alien backup dancers everywhere she goes. Honestly, we’re down for a visit…Earth is feeling pretty tired rn. And before you ask, yes, she did in fact perform the TikTok dance to her hit single “Say So.” We have absolutely no choice but to stan.

Lady Gaga (obviously)

In case you forgot, the VMAs are Lady Gaga’s territory, and Miss Stefani Germanotta came to win. And win she did—more on-air awards than any other artist (with an outfit change and couture mask for each award acceptance, btw). Gaga also gave us a casual nine-minute performance of hits from her album “Chromatica,” complete with a much-needed guest appearance from the princess of pop, Ariana Grande. So if you’ve been looking for a sign to learn the choreo from the “Rain on Me” music video, let this be it.