Our Favorite Performances From the 2018 Grammys

January 28, 2018

Last night marked the 60th annual Grammy Award ceremony, and the 3-and-a-half-hour event was beyond inspiring. The evening’s performances were brimming with passionate pleas and political pronouncements. And though the Grammys are typically all about the music, last night proved that great music and great dancing go hand-in-hand. Check out our favorite dance-y moments:

Bruno Mars and Cardi B, Finesse

Last night belonged to Bruno Mars— he took home Grammys for all 6 of his nominations. But it was his show-stopping performance with Cardi B that proved why he deserved all those trophies. It was a major throwback to the 90’s and the high-energy choreo showed off Mars’ aptitude as a performer!

Kendrick Lamar featuring U2 & Dave Chappelle, Medley

There were chills when Kendrick Lamar opened the Grammys with this moving military-inspired dance routine. Lamar himself seemed to be overcome by emotion at times, which made his performance all the more exhilarating. He dove into his hit song New Freezer, while a taiko drummer dressed in white breakdanced across the floor. The piece ends with dancers in red dropping to the ground. The routine was clearly meant to make a statement about political issues in America and the dancing emphasized Lamar’s sentiments.

DJ Khaled featuring Rihanna & Bryson Tiller, Wild Thoughts

Rihanna may not have won any Grammys last night, but she stole the show with her fierce dance moves as she performed Wild Thoughts with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller. Riri was so on point with her dancing that some thought she almost out did the back-up dancers. And it turns out that Riri’s moves actually stem from a popular dance from South Africa known as the Gwara Gwara. Perhaps the best part of the night was realizing that the pop star had literally morphed into the “red-dress-emoji-girl” right before our eyes💃🏽 .