This Swimmer's Beyoncé-Inspired Dance Warmup is ***FLAWLESS

June 26, 2018

High-level competitive swimmers: They’re just like us!

Or, at least, University of Alabama swimmer Christian Strycker is. Because the butterfly/freestyle specialist preps for big meets exactly the way we prep for big onstage moments: by recreating Beyoncé choreography.

Christian’s actually been posting Beyoncé dance tributes for a bit now (his take on “Single Ladies” is adorable). But his most recent Bey moment, a poolside step-by-step recreation of one of her epic Coachella dance breaks, is next-level stuff. And a lot of people—including Chelsea Clinton and Kathy Griffin—are INTO IT.

If you’re wondering how close Christian got to Queen B’s actual choreo, check out the side-by-side comparison video the swimmer oh-so-considerately put together:

And if you’re wondering whether this boy’s Beyoncé love is real, just check out his Twitter feed, which is basically a shrine to Mrs. Carter. (Same!)

Heyyyyy, Bey: If you’re looking to add another dancer to your already-enviable collection, Christian’s free for the summer.