Blocking Out the Paparazzi

October 22, 2008

During the three-and-a-half months that HSM3 was filming in Utah, Disney provided tight security. Guards were posted at all times. No cameras were allowed on set. Even the windows of the dance studio used for rehearsal were covered with a film that allowed light in, but blocked the view of anyone from the outside. Still, the paparazzi tried to get a peak (sources told me there were a couple of issues) but apparently they weren’t successful — the movie project remained under wraps.


At the same time, the stars of the movie had a little fun kidding about the attention they received. Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale joked around on set wearing wigs and glasses. One time, Vanessa and Zac Efron took it a step further and dressed from head to toe like Ashley and Corbin Bleu. Vanessa slipped into Ashley’s costume and fitted a blonde wig on her head. Zac put on Corbin’s clothes, a curly-haired wig, and even used make-up to darken his skin!