The Bromance Dance

February 11, 2015

Ah, bromance. If you know bros—and we’re guessing you know at least a few bros—you know just how powerful the bro bond can be. In fact, it’s powerful in a way that’s sort of hard to express in words.

That’s what makes director Bertil Nilsson’s short film, “Bromance”—a dance-y portrait of the phenomenon—so brilliant. Featuring three members of the Barely Methodical Troupe, an innovative circus/acrobatic group, the video explores the hard-to-articulate dynamics of dude companionship through movement.

Given that the film’s talented performers are fluent in the languages of parkour and b-boying, those dynamics end up looking pretty…dynamic. There are flips and stunts galore. Handshakes turn into handstands; back slaps generate back flips.

Catch me, dude! (still from “Bromance”)

Tricks aside, though, there’s a quiet poetry to it all. These bros have souls, bro. And Nilsson, who has a lot of experience working with dancers and circus artists, knows exactly how to capture those souls on film.

Take a look: