Please Enjoy BTS and Halsey’s Most Excellent Backstage Dance Party

June 10, 2019

In theory, it’s a simple story, culminating in a simple video:

Over the weekend, K-pop supergroup BTS performed in Paris. The sensational seven brought out surprise guest Halsey to perform their chart-breaking collab “Boy with Luv.” The whole crew warmed up for the show by having a dance party backstage. Halsey documented said dance party for Instagram.

In practice, though? In practice, there’s something deeply, almost unsettlingly perfect about the dance party vid, as the two million fans who viewed it within four hours discovered.

There’s the perfection of the song itself, which, naturally, provided the soundtrack. There’s the oh-so-casual perfection of the dancing. There’s the weirdly mesmerizing perfection of the fluorescent-lighting lens flares. There’s the goofy perfection of the editing.

In short: What could have been a minor moment on the BTS world tour became, thanks to some magical alignment of the stars, the dance party video to end all dance party videos.