#BTS of Keone and Mari Madrid's New Horror Production, Slumber

October 9, 2016

We’ve swooned over all of their incredibly inventive videos (Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C.)and now husband-and-wife choreography duo (and former DS cover stars) Keone and Mari Madrid are working on a new project: a live, interactive horror story. Um, what?

Produced by HIDEAWAY, a Brooklyn-based production and circus company, the showtitled Slumber—will combine elements of dance, burlesque, circus and theater as it follows “a girl squad of circus performers and dancers on the last night of their lives.” ?

It sounds like a terrifying, dance-y Haunted House-type thing, and tbh we’re all for it. ‘Tis the spooky season, am I right? Plus, with Keone and Mari on board, it’s guaranteed to be #fierce.

In an interview with BroadwayWorld.com, Keone said the goal of the show is to make “audiences feel a little bit of an uneasy suspense, but very excited about what’s going on.” He added, “there’s also a sense of survival within the show.” YIKES.

In terms of movement, the coupleknown for fusing hip hop with genres like contemporary and lyricalis trying something a little different. “You won’t see this style of dance anywhere else,” says Keone. “What we really like to do is work with different kinds of moverslike a circus performer for instance. We don’t want to force our movement on them; we’re trying to utilize their movement in a more musically rhythmic way.”

Bonus: The cast includes another DS fave, commercial dancer Bokyoung Park, who modeled in our “Dancers of New York” fashion story earlier this year!

The show officially opened this past weekend and runs through Nov. 6. If you’re brave enough to attend (and over 21), get tickets here. And if you’re too young (or too chicken) to see Slumber live, check out the rehearsal video below to get your thrill on:

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