Can We Please Bring Back "Ski Ballet"?

February 2, 2014

Oh my gosh, you guys.

We owe Buzzfeed an eternal debt of gratitude for introducing us* to “ski ballet,” the most amazing Olympic sport that ever was.

Unfortunately, we’re using the past tense here for a reason.

At the 1988 and 1992 Olympics, ski ballet was a demonstration sport—it had a trial run, essentially, to see if it was worth including permanently. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Here’s the ridiculous thing: The judges saw all that amazingness and still somehow failed to renew it in 1996. A few years later, the International Ski Federation discontinued all ski ballet competitions.

The world makes no sense.

Anyway, we’re with you, Buzzfeed. Maybe it’s too late for Sochi, but let’s get on bringing ski ballet back. It doesn’t seem totally unrealistic—the X Games is adding “snowboard ballet” in 2015, after all. And just look at it!


*Fine, maybe we weren’t total ski ballet newbies. But are you really mad at us for posting about this fantabulousness again? We didn’t think so.