Catch DancerPalooza on "Ellen" Today!

April 27, 2016

Ellen DeGeneres
: #bless. It’s rare to find a mainstream celeb who seems as legitimately obsessed with dance as we are—and few stars have done more to support the dance community than DeGeneres. The most recent case in point? She invited a whole mess of fabulous people from DancerPalooza to give a special performance on her show, set to air this afternoon.

Odds are good that you already know all about DancerPalooza: The ginormous dance festival takes over Long Beach, CA, for a week each summer, boasting an impossibly good faculty and a “Beat Squad” of talented kids from all over. But for those of you less familiar with the DancerPalooza crew, allow Mr. Travis Wall and Mr. Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who helped coordinate the “Ellen” performance, to be your tour guides. They act as squad leaders in the razzle-dazzle number for the show, which introduces “Ellen” fans to, oh, about a billion of our other favorite dancers. (A VERY incomplete list: Melanie Moore. Nick Lazzarini. Ricky Ubeda. Gaby Diaz. Tate McRae. Brady Farrar. Lucy Vallely. Simrin Player. Sean Lew. Kayla Mak.)

I mean, even this massive group photo doesn’t include all the dancers involved. (image via DancerPalooza Facebook page)

Check your local listings to find out exactly when you can catch #teamdancerpalooza on-air. But if you’re itching to see the performance RIGHT NOW, you’re in luck: Ellen’s team actually just posted the whole shebang online. Watch it below—and then, let’s be honest, watch it again on TV this afternoon:

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