The Internet Cannot Handle This Video of Chachi Gonzales Nailing a Combo at 6 Months Pregnant

August 4, 2019

Normal human pregnant lady: *reaches the 6-month mark, can only tolerate the stretchiest of stretchy pants, decides walking from the bed to the couch counts as exercise*

Superhuman pregnant dancer: *reaches the 6-month mark, still looks super-cute in crop tops, decides to co-choreograph and then ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE a ridiculously intense hip-hop routine*

Chachi Gonzales
, who is currently growing a small human, melted the internet this weekend with the pregnant-dancer video to end all pregnant-dancer videos. She and old friend Matt Steffanina got together to create an impressive (as ever) combo to the DJ Snake/J Balvin/Tyga collab “Loco Contigo,” and then Steffanina posted footage of the two of them—or three of them, rather!—killing said combo. Friends: It’s the best thing you’ll watch today.

As Gonzales herself put it, “preggo women can GET DOWN!”

Congrats, Chachi! This baby is destined to come out dancing.